Baloch Activist, Ahmar Mustikhan: "The West Must Rise!"

Baloch Activist, Ahmar Mustikhan: "The West Must Rise!"

When Rebel UK visited Geneva, we met the people of Balochistan. They protested outside the United Nations building, calling for governments to recognise the atrocities committed by the Pakistani government. I spoke with Ahmar Mustikhan, a Baloch activist and journalist, who warned us against Pakistani influence in the West.

Tommy Robinson: Knox Has His Chair!

Earlier this year, we met Knox. He's a military vet who suffers from MS, and who received very little help in the way of mobility. His home wasn't suitable for his condition, and he struggled to get about town. So we decided to help.

Tommy Robinson Meets Raheel Raza in Geneva

While I was meeting the people of Balochistan at their protest in Geneva, I heard Raheel Raza was in town. Raheel is a well-known anti-terrorism and human rights activist. She supports the plight of Balochistan, and had spent the day standing up to Islamic countries in the United Nations who continue to lie...