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Tommy Robinson: Nigel Farage Called Us "Racists"

Tommy Robinson: Nigel Farage Called Us "Racists"

When Anne Marie Waters lost the UKIP leadership election, thousands of her supporters were disappointed. Even Morrissey told a live audience that he believed the voting was rigged! The most surprising part though, was when Nigel Farage called her supporters racists. By extension, does that mean he thinks all of us who talk...

Tommy Robinson: I'm Reminding Sadiq Why Uber Sucks

You might not have heard, but Sadiq Khan has opened up talks between Transport for London and Uber. Just days after announcing they will not be renewing their licence to operate in London! So I want to remind Sadiq Khan exactly why we have problems with Uber. These are not...

Muslims "Tried to Kill Me" - British Apostate Tells Tommy Robinson

CCTV footage shows the many times that Nissar Hussain, a British former Muslim from Birmingham, was targeted by the Muslim community. He was attacked with pick axe handles because he left Islam. Fireworks and bricks were thrown at his house, and he told me that his children "know nothing but persecution" from...

Baloch Activist, Ahmar Mustikhan: "The West Must Rise!"

When Rebel UK visited Geneva, we met the people of Balochistan. They protested outside the United Nations building, calling for governments to recognise the atrocities committed by the Pakistani government. I spoke with Ahmar Mustikhan, a Baloch activist and journalist, who warned us against Pakistani influence in the West.