Breakfast at Tommy’s: Concentrate on Terrorism, Not Britain First!

Did you hear the news about the Serbian war criminal? He killed himself during his court case – he literally drank poison in court. When I read about the crimes he committed against Bosnian Muslims, I think it’s a difficult situation. They were faced with a Muslim population that were causing chaos, and they wanted it expelled from their country. It sounds like what’s happening to us today.

And of course, Donald Trump is in the news again. He retweeted some videos by Jayda Fransen – and whether you like Britain First or not, it’s besides the point. Trump tweeted REAL videos, and now the fake news media are calling the videos fake, and calling Trump a racist!

Sadiq Khan even said that this proves Trump isn’t welcome in Britain on a state visit – well, you don’t speak for me, Sadiq!

Join me on today’s episode of Breakfast at Tommy’s for all this, and more.

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