Breakfast at Tommy’s: I Don’t Care About Jihadi Jack

Morning everyone! I’ve had a bit of a hectic weekend. I’ve been letting my hair down since the success of our book launch on Friday. But I’m a trooper, and I’m bringing you the news this morning no matter what.

Jihadi Jack is back in the news. He's the British man who was charged with being a member of ISIS in October of this year. He was imprisoned by Kurdish forces, and now his parents want to sue the government because they think he's being tortured. But who cares? He made his own bed, now he has to lie in it.

In other news, Muslims are apparently being attacked for selling poppies. These are some really respectable moderate Muslims, and they’re being called infidels and traitors by other groups of Muslims. See – there is no peace even within Islam.

Then there’s some psychic woman who seems to think she knows who snatched Maddie. So why isn’t she just telling us where she is, if she has these special powers?

Join me for all this and more on today’s episode of Breakfast at Tommy’s. 

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