Breakfast at Tommy's: I'm Sick of this White Poppy Bullsh**

(LANGUAGE WARNING) This morning I'm excited, because I'm about to pick up Lutz Bachmann from Germany. He's the founder of PEGIDA who I introduced you to just a few days ago - and he's come to England for my event in Manchester. The event that the police got shut down. So I guess we'll have to take to the streets!

I'm also quite angry at the firing of Defence Secretary Michael Fallon. He lost his job because he touched a woman on the knee. And then there's a woman on the TV saying we need to bring terrorist back to England. And THEN we've got idiots across the country wearing white poppies instead of red. They won't even show one bit of respect for the soldiers that died for us.

Are we losing our minds? I don't want to my tax money going to ISIS fighters.

Join me for Breakfast at Tommy's today, and try not get high blood pressure like me. It's hard to keep my cool!

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