Friday Fatwa: Festive Allahu Ak-Barriers & This Week's Terror Convictions

Have you got that Friday feeling? I have!

There's only one thing for's this week's Friday Fatwa. Today I'm taking a look at the terror convictions from just this week. This is something I might start doing every week, now. These convictions are happening all the time, and they aren't really on most peoples' radars. So let's have a look at see which terrorists have been prosecuted and stopped. 

I'm also taking a look at some of the most festive anti-terror barriers. Have you seen these? Local councils have been dressing up the Allahu Ak-Barriers with tinsel and wrapping papers. What great Christmas spirit!

I'll also show you one of the craziest stories to come out of Amsterdam, and of course bring you yet another Hadith of the Week. This week, we're talking sexual relations with animals.


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