Friday Fatwa: Let’s Talk About Moroccan Terrorists & UKIP’s Imminent Demise

On this week's Friday Fatwa, I'm looking at Moroccan terrorists. You've probably never thought about Moroccan immigration before, because of our problem with Pakistani immigration - but it's a serious threat throughout Europe. 

In fact, Geert Wilders has gotten in trouble before, simply for asking supporters whether they wanted more or fewer Moroccans. That's how bad it is. 

And what's interesting is that the papers seemed to have completely missed the gang of Moroccans who smashed up Belgium on the same day that 100,000 Polish patriots marched in the streets. A peaceful Independence Day march in Poland was slammed as racist, but violence from Moroccans seems to have gone unnoticed. Funny that.

This week I'm also taking a quick look at UKIP. I learned today that since February, UKIP has lost every single council seat it has defended in by-elections. I think they're going to lose all their seats in the upcoming council elections. Then they'll be regretting not electing Anne Marie Waters as leader!

And finally - of course - we have Hadith of the Week. It's my favourite part of the show.

Thanks for joining me on another week of The Tommy Robinson Show. Without you subscribers, we couldn't do what we do!

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