Friday Fatwa: Luton Terrorists, BBC Racism, and My Blue Tick!

We're ending the week, as always, with our Friday Fatwa! This week I'm taking a look at the huge number of terrorists that appear to be coming out of Luton, my home town. Seeing these horrors come from the place I grew up in is the worst feeling, and I'm sick of the authorities doing nothing about it.

We also take a look at the BBC's racist hiring practices, and find out that this isn't the first time they've done it. It's happened many times before!

And of course, I'm still not happy about losing my blue tick - but what's even more ridiculous is that genuine racists from the left, and even paedophiles, who still have their blue tick!

Join me for all this, and Hadith of the Week, on today's episode of The Tommy Robinson Show!

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