UPDATE: Amazing Results for the “Help Chris” Campaign!

Thanks to the more than 29,000 of you who signed the Help Chris petition to place pressure on the Navy, Chris got justice!

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Chief Chris Eade was an active member of the Royal Navy until he had a stroke on 28th May 2016. 

He now has very limited speech. He can say only a couple of words, and the doctors don’t believe his situation will improve. He has also lost all the use of the right side of his body. He can barely walk a few steps with a walking stick.

And you’d think that after serving in the Royal Navy for 34 years, the forces would step up and help him. But after finally being able to retire, he and his family have received barely any support.

Chris should have been given medical discharge, but he wasn’t accepted. He had a stroke, he can’t walk or talk, and they didn’t medically discharge him! What excuse does the Navy have for keeping Chris in his role when he can’t even walk, other than saving money?

So because the Navy didn’t discharge him, it means he will have to pay huge taxes on his pension. This won’t even leave him enough money to pay for his house, let alone his care!

And then his family received an eviction notice from the Navy, demanding that they leave their home on the 27th October. They have since offered him the chance to stay in his home, but only if they agree to pay double their rent!

After decades of service in the Royal Navy, Chris and his family have received no compassion. So we’re launching a new petition – it’s called Help Chris.

We’re calling on the Royal Navy to reconsider the choices they have made. We believe Chris should have been offered medical discharge. This would make Chris and his family eligible for medical and financial assistance. We’re also requesting that the Navy allow him to stay in his home, without jacking up the rent prices. After serving his country, it’s only fair!

After the great success of our Thank Knox campaign – where you at home helped us pay for a top-of-the-range wheelchair for Gareth Knox, a military vet suffering from MS – we hope you’ll support us in pressuring the Royal Navy to do the right thing.

Chris has a meeting with the Navy on the 16th of this month. This gives us only a matter of days to gather thousands of signatures to show the Navy how many people stand behind him. Will you help us with that?

Please help us give Chris the voice he deserves.


The Royal Navy must provide Chief Chris Eade with a medical discharge so he and his family can be eligible for medical and financial assistance. The Navy must also allow Chris to stay in his home, without jacking up his rent prices. After serving his country, it’s only fair!

31,570 signatures

Will you sign?