Jack Buckby: Votes at 16? Maybe We Should INCREASE the Voting Age Instead

Desperate to improve their electoral fortunes, the Welsh Labour Party government is putting through new legislation that will allow children to vote in future council elections.

This means that anyone aged 16 or over will be able to make decisions that impact mature people and their families.

This is terrifying.

The Labour Party are trying to make out this is some kind of victory — that this is fair, somehow — but we all know it's just a clever way of increasing their vote share. Now Labour has lost practically all its seats in Scotland, they need to start taking swing seats and Conservative safe seats in order to form a government.

And while all this is going on, I can't help but wonder whether we should be doing the opposite. For as long as Millennials refuse to grow up, why aren't we thinking about increasing the voter age?

If people don't want to be responsible members of society, then why should they get to make important decisions at all? Just a thought!

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