Recap: Tommy Robinson Watches ITV's "Inside the Far Right" Undercover Film

(LANGUAGE WARNING) Last year, ITV aired a documentary called "Inside Britain's New Far Right". It turns out an undercover reporter has been recording our very own Jack Buckby for six months, in an attempt to catch him saying something racist...and they didn't. The reporter - who called herself Hazel - has also been filming Anne Marie Waters.

We saw the trailers, I couldn't stop laughing. They called Anne Marie "extreme far right", and the clip they played after that was just Anne Marie saying she couldn't stand British girls being treated like dirt! That's what the biased press really thinks qualifies as extreme!

So me, Lucy, and Jack got together. We got a some drinks, popcorn, even party hats, and we watched with interest to see if there really is a "new far right" in Britain we should be worried about.

But it turned out that this "undercover" documentary just exposed Jack and Anne Marie as saying everything they say in public, but behind closed doors. Boring!

Oh, and keep an eye out for my upcoming report on the Lee Rigby memorial scandal. Me and Kev laid flowers where he was murdered on Friday, but there was a march and memorial event on Sunday with lots of other patriots. I think it's scandalous that the council is yet to recognise him, and memorialise him, in the place where he was killed. And I've got loads more to say about this, coming this week.

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