The Tommy Robinson Show Meets Count Dankula: Trial Update and Interview

Count Dankula is the Scottish comedian and vlogger who hit headlines when he was arrested for teaching his girlfriend's pet pug to Sieg Heil, and making a comedic video of it. For two years, Markus Meechan has had his life on pause, waiting for the courts to make a decision - and just days ago, The Tommy Robinson Show team were there to support him and report on the case.

Dankula's case is simply a challege to our freedom of speech. Comedy is being made illegal - in Britain, where some of the world's greatest comedy originated! 

Meechan was hoping for an answer, and to bring this long case to an end - but that's not what happened.

Tune in to today's episode of The Tommy Robinson Show to learn more about his story, and get the latest updates on his case.

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