The Tommy Robinson Show: The British Army Has Gone Full SJW

I read in the news today that the British Army has launched a new ad campaign, designed to increase recruitment.

The advertisements are focused around telling people that it’s OK to be gay, it’s all right if you get emotional and cry, and that being in the Army is good for your Muslim faith.

What!? Since when was the Army about feelings? Why are we trying to boost army recruitment by dragging in emotionally unstable people? This isn’t a safe space for trans people. This isn’t somewhere you go to make you feel better about your own identity. This is the British Armed Forces. We were once the envy of the world, and now we’re this!

It’s funny, because this isn’t the only SJW move from the Army. They have been at it for years – Marxism and political correctness has infiltrated the core of the British Armed Forces, and I wonder just how long it’ll be until we’re flying rainbow flags from our tanks.

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