Tommy Robinson and Tapan Ghosh: Islam’s War Against Hinduism in India

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Last year, a well-known Indian activist by the name of Tapan Ghosh gave a speech in the Houses of Parliament. He told the truth about Islam and the Qur'an. He warned his audience about how, in Islam, there cannot be fraternity with non-Muslims. This is the first time I’ve ever heard the truth being told in our own Parliament!

Ghosh is the head of Hindu Samhati, an organisation in West Bengal that was set up to protect Hindus. His team of over 100,000 activists regularly protect women who are victims of “Love Jihad”, a practice whereby Muslim men pretend to be Hindu, entrap young women, and force them into marrying into Islam.

I met him earlier today to talk about his speech, and to find out more about the situation in India. He told me that his people have been under threat for 1400 years, how the media tell the same lies as our Western press, and how alternative media like The Rebel will be key for stopping the threat of Jihad and fake news propaganda.

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