Tommy Robinson: Chinese Military Recruitment Puts the British Army to Shame

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On a previous episode of The Tommy Robinson Show, I talked about the British Army’s new ad campaign. They launched a few campaigns that focused on showing people that it’s OK to cry in the army, and there’s nothing to fear if you’re gay…as if there was ever any kind of genuine threat against gays from the military anyway.

This year, even more adverts from this campaign have been released – including ad campaigns focused on showing Muslims that being in the army helps their faith. It even shows members of the military pausing operations, while some bloke takes off his shoes and bows down to pray in the middle of a war zone.

There are even adverts that show it's OK to cry in the Army!

This isn’t right. What the hell is going on with our military?

On today’s episode of the show, I took a look at some other examples of military recruitment campaigns from across the world. It shows just how much of a laughing stock our military is becoming.

Why are we putting up with this?



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