Tommy Robinson's Friday Fatwa: "Racial" Division in Bradford and Terror Convictions in Oldham

Happy Friday! So we have just two days left of 2017…and in fact, this is the last show of the year.

It’s been a crazy year. We’ve had multiple terror attacks, which I’ve discussed openly through Rebel Media – and forced the media to discuss the source of the attacks. Remember Piers Morgan’s face when I told the truth about the Koran?

We’ve also developed a whole new show, and thousands of you at home have joined and supported us in setting it up.

So I’m really excited about 2018, and want to go out with a bang. On today’s Friday Fatwa, we’re taking a look at racial (or religious!) division in Bradford, terror convictions in Oldham – and of course, Hadith of the Week!

Thanks again for joining me on The Tommy Robinson Show, and thanks for supporting the show!

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