Tommy Robinson's Monday Club: David Icke, Jayda Fransen, and Banned Book Launches

Welcome to Tommy Robinson's Monday Club! Every Monday I'm going to bring you a round up of some of the biggest stories I've heard recently - and this week it involves freedom of speech. I heard that the Labour MP who pushed for my book launch to be cancelled in Manchester has recently got a David Icke book launch shut down too.

What is it with the Labour Party and trying to keep "problematic" books out of the reach of the public?

Kate Green MP tried to shut down Icke's book launch in the name of "equality", but she's been sharing a platform with Islamic radicals from MEND. Hypocrisy much?

I also heard about the arrest of Jayda Fransen, and it goes to show just how obsessed the British state is with shutting down any kind of dissent. I'm tired of it.

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