Tommy Robinson Show: Investigating the UK Muslim charity staging a “halal” Christmas pantomime

The BBC recently reported that a Muslim charity called The Penny Appeal was hosting its very own Christmas pantomime. The narrative is that a Muslim charity is proving its commitment to integration by taking part in a typically British Christmas tradition... but that’s not what's really happening.

I took a look at the video report by the BBC, which showed the charity's activists complaining about the lack of "halal" pantomimes. Well, obviously!

Pantomimes are funny, cheeky, and fun for the whole family. They aren’t halal theatre productions that steer clear of puns and jokes. So by creating a Muslim panto, The Penny Appeal is actually segregating communities!

I wondered what their real agenda was, and so I took a look at what the charity does. It appears to be one of many Muslim charities with questionable intentions, and a bad reputation...

Join me tonight on The Tommy Robinson Show, and let’s have a laugh!

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