Tommy Robinson: My Full, Uninterrupted Columbia Speech

Earlier this month, I gave a speech to the University of Columbia in New York. Well, sort of. The demonstrators were so loud and disruptive that it became a question and answer session.

I had to raise my voice just so those in the audience who were interested could actually hear me. I was doing it through Skype too, so it wasn’t exactly easy!

The newspapers delightedly reported the fact that my speech had been “shut down” – but thanks to the Internet, the regressive left will never keep me quiet.

Today I’m giving you access to my full speech – uninterrupted. This is the talk I was going to give to the audience at the University of Columbia, and if all goes to plan, this same speech will be played in the university’s theatre in the near future. The left will never stop us.

This is just the beginning of what I know is going to be the most exciting media platform in the UK. Thanks for joining us at The Tommy Robinson Show.

This week we’re going to have some huge stories and exclusive content for all you subscribers:

I’ve spoken to a major Hindu leader in India who is fighting back against Islam; I’m going to be reporting on major rape gang cases; and I’ll be bringing you our morning newspaper segment, "Breakfast at Tommy’s"! I can’t wait!

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