Tommy Robinson: The Manchester Book Launch the Left TRIED to Ban

On today's episode of The Tommy Robinson Show, I give you an exclusive look into the total incompetency of the police, and the hoops we had to jump through just to hold a peaceful, private event. 

Earlier this year, I announced a book launch event in Manchester.
 I hired a huge venue, a professional security team with trained dogs, and liaised with the police to ensure it was totally safe. We took every measure we could to ensure the left couldn’t infiltrate and cause problems.

Then of course, Hope Not Hate, UAF and the usual suspects started a petition. They tried to pressure the venue into cancelling the event - and then, even the police and the local council got involved. They threatened the venue with removing their trading licence if they hosted our launch – and so they buckled.

The police chief inspector Ian Hopkins and the local council put over a thousand people in danger, by throwing us out on the streets. People had booked hotels and trains, with many flying from other countries just to attend. 

I told the police that we'd go ahead with the launch anyway, even if it meant we did it in the streets. And we did exactly that.

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